The Project 34 Story

Founded by former ASU baseball teammates Cory Hahn and Trevor Williams, Project 34 was created with the overarching goal to positively impact the lives of those living with a spinal cord injury. Cory and Trevor were teammates on the 2011 baseball team, when Cory became paralyzed from the chest down after an injury to his C-5 vertebra during a game. After understanding all the effort that went into Cory’s inspiring recovery, the former teammates came together with some of their college friends to create Project 34.

34 is more than just a number to me.

In 2011, as a freshman at Arizona State University, my roommate, teammate and close friend, Cory Hahn, suffered a career-ending and life-changing spinal cord injury while sliding headfirst into second base.

Cory wore #34. Witnessing someone’s life change as drastically as Cory’s in just an instant put my life and career into perspective. I remind myself regularly of his loss and I know that he would give anything to have even my worst day on the baseball field.

My “why” is to play baseball for those who can not. I remember the countless hours of rehab and workouts he still does to get stronger every day.

I look to him for support when times get rough on the field and I am reminded that I cannot ever take this opportunity for granted.

We would often talk of our dreams of making it to the Major Leagues. However, our paths have split and he is chasing a new dream. Every time I put on my uniform, I remember the path that we used to share.

Project 34 was inspired by Cory’s journey and the experience of approximately 305,000 people across the United States who have spinal cord injuries.

Sitting around the dinner table with my wife and close friends, what began as just an idea in our heads started to take shape as a real way to change the lives of people like my friend.

Through Cory’s experience, we have learned and seen firsthand the numerous supplies, devices, and equipment necessary for promoting independence, optimal health and quality of life for someone living with a spinal cord injury. It’s not easy.

We hope to ease stress that accompanies the financial burden of these necessities so that the patient and their families can focus on living a fulfilling life.
Project 34 Day at PNC with Trevor Williams

There are so many ways you can start making a difference right now alongside me. Buy a shirt. Share our story on social media to bring awareness to our cause. And of course, donate. All donations directly impact the lives of people living with spinal cord injuries. Thank you for your support.

I wear #34 on my back, proudly and humbly, to honor Cory.