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Project 34 assists with the purchasing of medical equipment and assistive devices that may not be otherwise accessible to a patient, as well as provides grants to individuals to afford physical therapy for optimal function. We want to ease the stress that accompanies the financial burden of these necessary materials, so that the patient and their families can focus on living a fulfilling life.


Grant request: Standing Frame

Project 34 was able to help buy Jilly a standing frame. This was a high priority for her family in hopes that the stander would help strengthen her muscles after her injury. Jilly is a high school student who was tragically injured in a car accident. After her injury she was able to compete and win two track and field state medals.

Brandon & Dianne

Grant request: Empower SCI Camp

EmpowerSCI is a non-profit that seeks to fill the gap in the rehabilitation industry with in-person residential rehabilitation programs to facilitate holistic rehabilitation. The focus on building confidence and becoming more functionally independent. Each program caters to the unique needs of the client. The Empower SCI team utilizes client-developed goals to maximize the client’s ability to lead a happier, more meaningful, and more independent life.



Grant request: Fold & Go Wheelchair

Project 34 purchased Nolan a Fold & Go wheelchair to use on the go. This wheelchair is smaller and lighter making it possible for him to go to his friends’ houses to play.


Grant request: Rehabilitation 

Ansel was injured in Mexico jumping into the ocean while on vacation. Cory was able to go visit him while he was still in the hospital. Since his injury we have helped support months of rehabilitation on a CAREN machine. Ansel has joined us for the last 2 golf tournaments, where he brought everyone to tears as he was able to stand up and walk into the building to show how impactful his ongoing therapy has been.

after two years of therapy,
ansel is standing and walking agian...

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